We used to call her Tili, after Shai Agnon’s protagonist:
Like Tehila, my grand mother, may God rest her
soul in peace, had never pried or gossiped. You
could see her either working or praying “Tehilim” Psalms.
She was very religious, but never asked others to
change their stances. Although my family used to
visit her on Saturdays, she had never asked us how
we have arrived there, she chose to ignore the
fact that we came by car.
That’s why, I was happy and curious to accept an invitation
to a religious seminar.  The title said: “Choose better”.
It was aimed at intellectuals professed
to prove, in the name of the science, that the Bible was
written by God, and he gave it to the Jews.
Later, we have learnt that when a manufacturer
makes a machine he also provides an instruction
manual on how to operate the machine.
When God, the designer, made man he also gave
an instruction manual – the Bible- telling how man
was designed to be operated. It is the instruction
manual for the heart, soul and mind of man.  What
happens when you disregard the instructions in an
instruction manual?  You have trouble – things go
awry.  When you follow God’s instruction manual,
everything works right and you have spiritual health,
happiness and mental stability, when you disregard
the instructions you have confusion, frustration,
unhappiness, emotional imbalance and mental disarray.
In the seminar I’ve spent a whole week listening
to lectures about “the world’s creation” and the
alleged proofs of Bible’s irrefutable reliability.
All the lecturers were rabbis. The first one said:
“Imagine that you are on the moon and you
find a glass bottle. Where do you think it came from?
You’d probably assume that it had been
left out by the last spaceship. You wouldn’t think
that it was created by the Big Bang. I’d like
to explain: The Big Bang theory generally refers
to the idea that the universe has expanded
from a primordial hot and dense initial condition
at some finite time in the past, and continues
to expand to this day. It says that the age of
the universe is about 13.5 billion years.
Of course, it contradicts the Jewish belief
that God created the world 6,000 years ago.
“Now” – the rabbi continued, “If you don’t
believe that this smooth- symmetrical
shaped glass bottle was accidentally
created, as the Big Bang theory suggests,
and apparently it has a special purpose –
surely, you won’t believe that a human
being was accidentally created, after all
we are matter and spirit. We have the
ability to think and to rationalize about the
things that are going on around us.
We all came to this world with special
purposes, goals and assignments.
And there’s the other theory:
The Darwin theory of evolution.
I don’t look like a monkey my
parents don’t look like monkeys and
I don’t believe that my ancient
ancestors were primates. So let’s forget
about that theory. Some of the people
tried to get deeper answers but instead
the lecturer blamed them of being
hostile opponents. They were embarrassed
and offended and after a while no
one asked anymore questions. As it well
known, people are quick to join the
majority even though they know it’s wrong.
People tend to adapt their communicative
behavior to that of their conversational
partner. So, at the end of that week,
most of the men wore yarmulkes (skull cap),
and the women wore head kerchiefs.
When I asked some of the lecturers
why they insulted the people who
opposed them in front of everyone –
I know this sort of behavior is forbidden
in Judaism. They quoted the bible verse:
“you should rebuke him, you should admonish him”.
It means that the rabbi’s role is to show the
right way, and to publicly punish those who
make mistakes. When I came back home,
I read a lot about the whole issue.
I especially enjoyed reading Dr. Green’s article:
“Judaism and other religious cults”. He wrote
about the methods that are used in all
these kinds of religious seminars in order
to tempt people to join them (recruit).
For example: the first technique
“distance & isolation” is about moving
the people away from their home,
away from their loving and supportive
families and friends, and away from any
source of information that might contradict
the lecturer’s  arguments and ideas.
I heard that there are special seminars
for ignorant people. Their strategy is intimidating.
They scare their guests by talking about
death as the punishment of the people who
don’t follow God’s rules. As I see it: I love
the logic and the no-arbitrary commandments
and values of the Bible. I love to light candles
on Friday nights, I love the holidays
when all the family gathers, I love tradition.
But I believe that everyone has the right to
choose what best for him, as long as he
doesn’t hurt anyone, as long as he respects
the others’ rights and treats people with
dignity and compassion.


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